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about_openinghas been listening to animals her entire life. As a child, she knew the journeys of her cat, Benji, while he was traveling the neighborhood. He sent to her the many images and sensations that he experienced as he thoroughly enjoyed exploring the outside world.

As Terri was growing up, she learned to honor all animals—domestic and wildlife. She would share love, help the wounded, assist strays, and talk to all beings in a sensitive and caring manner. It wasn't until she became a teenager that she began to feel "different" than other people with her abilities to communicate with animals. When she became a young adult, she decided it was not "normal" to hear the animals and stopped allowing herself to experience this insight into the animal kingdom.

At the age of 28, Terri had a life changing year with the loss of both of her parents and the diagnosis of terminal cancer of her companion dog, Keeza. A friend suggested she pursue the services of an Animal Communicator to see how to best help her dog during his final days. This professional consultation empowered Terri and Keeza to have a wonderful year together with a beautiful ending as he transitioned into the spirit world. This is when Terri made a promise to the animals of the world that she would begin to listen again.

Since that time many years ago, Terri has completed specialized training in Animal Communication. She has been offering her talents professionally since 1996 and has helped thousands of animals and their people. Her nationwide client base has grown solely from the word of mouth referrals of very appreciative clients.

Terri in the News

New Radio Interview - Terri announces a new book, "Your Dog's Golden Years," where she has authored a chapter on helping senior dogs with animal communication. The interview also includes information on how animal communication happens. This show is on HealthyLife.Net, hosted by Faith Ranoli (see info below). Click Here to listen. (Standard MP3 Audio File, 1 hour)
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Read about Terri in a detailed article about Animal Communication from the
viewpoint of a skeptic! Terri is featured in the April issue of
5280 Magazine in Denver, Colorado.
Click Here to read. (Requires Adobe Acrobat)

Listen to an interactive interview with Terri on HealthyLife.Net.
The show host is Faith Ranoli, a long term client of Terri's,
who provides insights for her listeners of Heart & Home Healing.
Click Here to listen. (Standard MP3 Audio File, 1 hour)