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How does animal communication work?
Animal communication is a way of connecting with your animals through love and intuition. By focusing on the animal together with you, Terri can access a variety of responses from your dog, cat, horse, etc. The communication is received through feelings or emotions, physical sensations, images, symbolism, and words. Terri will identify the responses to your questions that she receives from your animal and discuss with you the deeper meanings. You will enjoy the experience of a three way conversation and counseling session.

How do I prepare for a consultation?
Terri asks that you prepare by thinking through a variety of questions or issues you would like to discuss and write them down. This will help you stay on track during the conversation and get the most out of the consultation time. She will utilize your love and good intentions to connect with your animals. You must be honest, open and willing to participate in solutions. Remember this service is for you, so preparing in advance will create an optimum experience. (You do not need to send questions ahead of time.)

Can I call at any time to have Terri talk with my animals?
No. You must schedule an appointment time in advance. It can take up to 3-4 weeks to get a time slot, so don't wait until the last minute if you wish to address concerns that have specific dates involved (for example—surgery, travel, new animal joining the family).

Can I ask brief questions by email or phone messages?
It is essential that you schedule time with Terri even if you want a short appointment. She focuses on your animals through your energy and needs to have you asking the questions over the phone while she tunes into the animals. This assures a quality result and the process is more respectful of the animals.

Does my animal have to have a problem or illness to do a consult?
No—in fact many clients call to check in on the animal's well-being, to learn about what the animal may want or need, and to see if they have any words of wisdom for the benefit of the family members.

Can Terri tell why an animal is sick?
Talking with the animals provides information that can be helpful for you to tell your veterinarian. Terri does not diagnose illnesses or prescribe treatments. That is the role of the animal health professional. However, she can solicit details from your animal to determine where pain or discomfort exists in their body along with other important information to assist you and your veterinarian in helping your animal.

Can Terri tell my animal to stop doing a certain behavior?
The most respectful approach is to listen to animals and learn from their perspective why they are doing a certain behavior. Often, what humans consider to be a bad or annoying behavior can indeed have good and loving intentions behind it from the animal's reasoning. Once the details are uncovered, then solutions can be discussed and compromises can be made on behalf of the animals and the people to create harmony and balance again in the home.

How does this work over the phone?
This conversation is not a literal communication such as the manner in which people usually talk. It involves connecting with the spiritual aspect of your animal or their "higher self". The connection occurs through love and genuine intentions. Terri serves as a conduit by expressing your comments to the animal and providing you with replies from your animal. She will tell you what she sees, feels, hears, and senses during the conversation.

Do my animals need to be with me when we are on the phone?
It is not necessary to have the animals in a particular location. It is best to allow them to do whatever is comfortable. It is also best that the person be at home or in a quiet place to facilitate the necessary focus and concentration. Also, it is possible for emotions to come up so you want to be where you feel safe.

Does Terri need to see a photo of my animal for the appointment?
Terri does ask for a photo to facilitate her connection with your animals. She welcomes you to mail or email (see info on "Contact Terri" page) her a photo in advance. Please limit size of email photos to small jpeg files and one photo per animal. Please send photos at least 3 days in advance of appointment. She will keep the photos on file for future appointments. If you mail a photo and want it returned, simply include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. If it is not possible for you to send photos, then Terri can work with a verbal description.

Are the phone consultations as good as in-person consults?
Yes. Remember that this is a spiritual connection not a physical connection. Therefore, it doesn't require Terri to be with the animal. She works with clients all over the country and does 95% of her consultations by telephone. And, her extensive client base has developed solely from word of mouth referrals through people who have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from their telephone experience.

When does Terri schedule appointments?
She books telephone consultations Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm Pacific Time. For in-person home visits, it varies depending on her availability for driving time.

How do I pay for the appointment?
You can send a check in advance, which will be cashed after the consultation is complete. Or, you can provide a credit card number (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) over the phone at the time of the appointment.

Do you have a cancellation policy?
Yes. It is necessary to provide 2 days notice if you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Otherwise you will be charged in full for the appointment time. If you have an emergency, then no charge will occur. Please realize that Terri often has people on an "urgent issue" waiting list to get in sooner, and it usually takes a day or two of phone tag to refill the appointment slot.

Can Terri work me into her schedule on an emergency basis?
Although Terri does her best to provide emergency time slots within a week for established clients, she cannot offer new clients appointments on short notice. She prioritizes her emergency appointments for animals with serious health issues or for those who are dying.

Does Terri communicate with animals who have passed on?
Yes. Terri offers consultations to people who wish to have a sense of how their beloved companion is doing in the spirit world. Some people need to ask questions for closure as well as other information that is important to understand.