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Your Dog's Golden Years

Terri O'Hara has shared her expertise in this excellent book, which is a compilation of information from canine experts throughout the United States. The authors provide chapters full of useful information on topics such as pain management, nutrition, massage, dental care, herbs, aromatherapy and many other complimentary health care options for your senior dog's well-being. Terri's chapter offers advice on how senior dogs think and communicate to help guide you along their elder path.
Your Dog's Golden Years delivers the answers and tools to help provide your dog with a longer, happier and healthier life. This book is good for people with dogs of all ages!


  • First Place in the 2012 USA Book News Best Book Award for Animals/Pets Category

  • Silver Finalist - 2013 Benjamin Franklin Award from the Independent Book Publishers Association
  • Your Dog's Golden Years

    The Legacy of Beezer & Boomer

    Doug Koktavy and I met by telephone in February 2005. He called in for his first consultation and said..."I have no idea why I'm doing this, or if I even believe in it, but my vet suggested I give it a try. My dog, Beezer, has been diagnosed terminally ill with kidney disease and I'll do anything for my dog." During that first consultation, Beezer informed Doug he would be writing a book about his journey. Doug thought that meant Beezer's journey with illness and dying. The true journey is the story of a man that was transformed through the love and the teachings of his canine brothers. Wonderful, heartfelt story for everyone who loves animals.
    The Legacy of Beezer & Boomer

    Multi-Pure Water Filters

    Multi-Pure Water Purification Systems are an ideal way to assure you are providing healthy water to your entire family. Chemicals and pollutants in tap water today are linked to many health concerns in people. Studies have not researched animal health concerns, but it's safe to say that purified water will only benefit the health and well-being of your furry and feathered friends!

    Terri O'Hara is a distributor, ID #143880, and will assist you with any questions and orders. Discounts offered to established clients.


    Species Link

    SPECIES LINK is an excellent publication for those who love animals and desire to learn more about communication with animals. Read true stories of the amazing results of communicating with animals plus prose and poetry transcribed directly from our non-human friends. You'll find tested methods to learn and teach interspecies telepathic communication, books and resources, the latest professional breakthroughs, questions answered by seasoned communicators, a directory of animal communicators for services and support, plus readers' stories, poems, art, book reviews, and letters. SPECIES LINK is a forum and network to share experiences, helpful hints, insights, humor, growth along the path, the joy of deep understanding and heightened awareness with all beings.

    Ortho Pets

    Custom Fabricated Orthotic and Prosthetic Devices

    Our goal at OrthoPets is to improve your petís quality of life through the use of custom designed Orthotic and Prosthetic devices. We have found great success implementing the same adaptive technologies used in the field of human Orthotics and Prosthetics to care for our animal patients. This non-invasive health care option gives you and your pet a second chance to enjoy a normal life. Have you explored all the health care options available to your pet?

    Canine Rehabilitation and Conditioning Group

    3 COLORADO LOCATIONS: The Canine Rehabilitation and Conditioning Group (CRCG) is an organization dedicated to the rehabilitation, health and fitness of dogs. The rehabilitation practitioners of CRCG strive to provide an environment that is fun and safe for your dog and to help your dog feel safe and comfortable. Our certified and experienced personnel work as a team with a referring Veterinarian and other animal healthcare professionals to evaluate, restore and maintain a dog's physical function and movement. The goals of therapy are to relieve pain, restore range of motion/movement, improve function, prevent injuries and expand the physical potential of the patient. CRCG is also committed to provided healthy, safe and fun indoor recreation and fitness opportunities for dogs and their owners.

    crcg_logo (14K)

    Beside Still Water

    Dr. Ann Brandenburg-Schroeder, whose veterinary practice Beside Still Water exclusively offers help when your pet is dying, will come to your home for your petís euthanasia. From your first phone call with her you will receive information, support and assistance in making difficult decisions and arrangements pertaining to death, disposition and memorializing your beloved companion animal. With you she will explore the unique circumstances of your petís situation.

    Beside Still Water

    Pet Loss Support

    Helpful information regarding loss and grief. References for products and services. And, a State-by-State Guide to Support Groups and Counselors.

    Pet Loss Support