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Statements from clients* that have worked with Terri O'Hara...

“You're becoming quite the talk in Kentucky. Your reading of Heather's horse referenced my deceased brother-in-law in clear detail and left any skepticism behind!” —Beth

“You have a tremendous gift that you use to serve Humanity and the Divine Plan. You not only have the ability to connect with the animals, but also the higher selves of each of your clients. For me you did this beautifully and you have my gratitude!” —Suzanne

“Your services are priceless to me. I can't express how much of a difference your reading made. I hope you receive back all the sincerity and love you pour out to others and their pets. You are so appreciated.” —Rhonda

“Your services have greatly enhanced the relationship with Tucker and Blackie. It also gives them more freedom to be themselves and be more demonstrative of their feelings and needs. The other thing is the animal communication has provided me a pathway into spiritual life. Thank you for providing a vessel for this journey.” —Linda

“It is so very apparent how much Terri loves what she does and how much she cares for each and every life she touches. Empathy is too simple of a word here. Where she has helped me the most is telling us to make sure we "step back" and take care of ourselves. We are so concerned and worried about our fur children that we neglect ourselves. We get involved in a "wind-up syndrome" trying to do all we possibly can and then sometimes doing too much, worrying too much, overbearing powerful emotions that rarely help the sick one we are concerned about. She advises us to take care of ourselves so we can properly care for our sick. To calm down even when it is the hardest thing possible. The calmer and more rational we approach our goals and treatments for our pets the better. They truly worry about us as much as we worry about them. We want them to concentrate on healing themselves not worrying about us. That is by far the most important lesson I have learned from Terri, and she continues to teach me more each time I work with her. To know that there is a person out there who can communicate with your loved pets, and tell you how they are, what they are feeling, what they need, like, dislike, fear; that is truly more precious than gold.” —Cindy

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“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for working with Frankie and me. Frankie is back!—loveable, secure, playful, interactive...He spends a lot more time outdoors, something that was important to him, and uses his litter box or outside. He totally relaxes in the sunbeams, sprawls out and enjoys deep sleep. One of the best parts is that he is super cuddly and he is very social again with visitors. Your work and kindness is very appreciated by us.” —Melinda

“Just wanted to send you a note to let you know Sophie has not had any problems since your visit! She is doing great and I got her better dog food! Thanks so much, I truly love my dog and the peace of mind you gave us is invaluable. Thanks again!” —Tom

“Your work with Bonnie and her issues with severe storm fear and resulting escape mania helped immensely. It was very beneficial to learn some of her history before I adopted her, and especially to know her needs and intents for this life. Although I have long been a traveler on the spiritual path, it blew my doors off when you first helped me open to the realization that Bonnie is the same kind of spiritual being that I am.” —Frank

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“Wow, I appreciate your gifts. Many times your services have been invaluable. For instance, if i've reached a plateau with healing/treating an animal - you and your skills have presented something new. I would say that I see probably a 75-100% correlation with what I find on exam or testing with what you have communicated. After years of successful information from your clients that come to me, I now encourage many people to contact you. I look forward to our continued, combined healing efforts for the creatures and the humans”.—Dr. Laura DeLoatch, DVM, CVA, L.Ac, Dipl. OM

“Terri has been an invaluable resource for many of my clients, not to mention for me during the recent loss of my own pet. Her ability to access emotional information compliments our physical diagnostics nicely. The workshop she provides inspires others to be open to realizing animals are feeling, thinking beings.” —Dr. Diana Roberts, DVM

“I have found Terri to be a valuable link between my patients and their guardians when we are at an impasse on physical or emotional issues. She is a wonderful resource in helping us communicate with our animal friends.” —Dr. Kris Abbey, DVM

“Terri's insights are very helpful for both my own animals and for my client's animals. She has helped work through behavior problems for animals. And, she has been incredibly helpful where end of life and quality of life issues are involved with my geriatric patients.” —Dr. Holly Foster, DVM

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“Thank you so very much for coming into my life and helping me through one of life's toughest times. You do your work so graciously and with such passion and empathy. What a unique gift you so caringly share with others. Your gentle ways and comforting words were so very helpful. They were so meaningful to me as I accept the emptiness and loneliness without my dearly beloved Francine. My gratitude to you is so abundant.” —Jennifer

“Thank you so much for your help with Bear. You helped us both to find peace in our situation. Until our consult, I was quite anxious and upset at the thought of losing him. I didn't want to pass along that anxiety to him, but I knew I did. With your help though, I was able to see it through his heart. He gave me so much in life and I feel like he is still giving to me very much—just on a different level. Thank you for sharing your gifts with Bear and me. I'm glad you were part of the journey with us.” —Diane

“Thank you not only for your help in the past months with our animals, but for just doing what you do in general. I so very deeply and sincerely thank you for talking to us the day that we so very tragically and unexpectedly lost my Mister Nicholas. I don't know how we would be making it through this without the insight you were able to give us.” —Rachel & Dennis

“We thank you with full hearts for the peace and comfort you brought to us through your communication with Lizzie. We feel her now, joyful and exuberant, all around us. She is well and happy and grateful to be free. You have a rare gift that you express with love, clarity, and generosity. I am so glad to have you as a resource and to be able to pass your name along to people who will benefit enormously from your services.” —Maureen

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"I just wanted to let you know that Saturday was a wonderful class (Animal Wisdom class)! It gave me a new perspective and added a new dimension to my relationship with my cat. It was a great blessing! thanks to you (and to Jake) for your continued work and also the searching that you do to bring us new information to assist us along all of our paths...human and animal!!!" - Leslie

"I was taken by the way I felt when I got home this afternoon from your classes (Animal Chat and You Want Me To Do What classes), which was kind of like floating along with clarity of some sort, and I had to drop everything when I walked in the door and go meditate. I especially appreciate realizing the importance of relinquishment of head stuff to be in my heart. Thank you for creating that kind of atmosphere - it is most welcomed in my life." - Rhonda

"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your class on Animal Wisdom on Saturday. I greatly appreicate the depth of the class, the focus on the heart, and the beautiful way you weaved in our animal guides into the workshop. Your questions were thoughtful and profound, your energy is so safe and welcoming, and your wisdom is deep. I resonated with everything you shared and I enjoyed the entire group. I look forward to learning about your future class schedule. I am very interested in learning more." - Nina

"Just had to share this with you so you know what a great teacher you are! Yesterday two of the dogs slipped past me out of the gate and took off sprinting toward the busy street. Of course I panic and start chasing them...running...in my flip flops (and I don't run!). My no's and come's were falling on the deaf ears of two labs who were running like they were headed to an all you can eat buffet. As they turned the corner out of my sight, I summoned my communications skills and asked/told Freddy to come back and bring the puppy with him. To my pleasant surprise, Freddy immediately turned around and started running toward me! Thank you for sharing your gift and helping us learn how to listen, learn from and talk to our animals." (has taken all of Terri's classes) - Veronica

"I wanted to thank you (and Jake!) for such a beautiful experience on Saturday in your new Animal Wisdom class. Normally I have a little trouble connecting emotionaly...but Saturday I felt so alive and emotional. Your insight about the dynamic between my dog and my new foster dog absolutely blew me away. I want to sign up for your next class. I am so eager to learn more. I really did feel a peace after I left Saturday, like I'm ready to begin a new chapter in my life, like I'm more open to what the world is telling me. I am thankful that you are listening to your heart and sharing it with us all. Thank you for being such a wonderful example for us all." - Heather

*Names of clients and animals have been changed to honor confidentiality.