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What is Animal Communication

Professional Animal Communicators are available today throughout the world. They serve as advocates of all species of animals. They provide telepathic insight to increase the level of understanding between people and their companion animals.

The services of a professionally trained Animal Communicator are meant to compliment the care you provide, along with the professional health care of veterinarians, to assure an excellent quality of life for the animals you love.

When utilizing the services of Terri O'Hara, you will enjoy an interactive conversation with your animal friends. You will learn their perspectives on situations, behaviors, and life knowledge. The benefits you will get by working with Terri include...

  • clarification of your animal's feelings
  • opportunity to ask questions and get direct answers
  • enhanced learning and training
  • information to provide to veterinarians
  • assistance with wellness care
  • a deeper relationship with your companions
  • comfort during difficult times
You prepare for the communication session by writing down questions that you wish to explore with your animals through Terri's assistance. (See further information on FAQ page). Consultations are available by telephone and are conducted in a conversational manner. Your animals do not have to be near the telephone, because Terri is tuning in with their spiritual self—not talking to them via their ears.

Consults are available by appointment only. Call 541-484-2020 or 800-515-9064. Fees are as follows:
New Clients
1/2 hour (usually allows time to talk to 2 animals) $90
1 hour (allows time to talk to 3-5 animals) $115
Established Clients
1/2 hour (usually allows time to talk to 2 animals) $70
1 hour (allows time to talk to 3-5 animals) $95
Brief consults available for repeat clients only $3.00 per minute
On-site visits are available in the Eugene area or when Terri is traveling to Colorado and other areas for classes. Home visits require a one hour minimum fee.
In Eugene $130
Outside Eugene $145

Payment is welcomed by check or credit card. At the time of scheduling an appointment a credit card is requested to hold your reservation. It will not be charged until the consultation occurs. If paying by check, payment must be received in advance and check will not be cashed until consultation occurs. See FAQ page for cancellation policy.

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Refund Policy for fees paid by credit card for Tele-Talks or Classes is an exchange for similar value talk or class within 90 days.